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Preamplifier Purging equipment 1000 cc

Model: 7005-PAP1000-001


The unit is intended a) to purge the preamplifier in potentially explosive situations, and b) to cool the unit in situations where the electronics of the preamplifier may get too hot.


  • Can be mounted outside of a glove box.

  • Can be adjusted to control the flow or the pressure in a preamplifier.


Tyne tritium monitors can be safely used in explosive environments provided adaptation is made for a purging unit. This will permit access of a dry inert gas (nitrogen, argon or helium), to flow through the preamplifier thereby excluding air, and hence eliminating the opportunity for the formation of explosive mixtures. The preamplifier can be sealed sufficiently well to maintain a slight positive pressure inside the preamplifier. The purging unit is also recommended to cool the preamplifier if it operates in an environment of more than 50°C.

The attachment comprises an aluminum adaptor flange fitted between the ion chamber and the preamplifier. Inlet and outlet tube connections are also attached to the adaptor flange and some additional tubing inside the preamplifier directs the inert gas to flush and exclude air from the preamplifier.

The inert gas is supplied by a small purging/pressurization system suitable for purging volumes of up to 2 cubic feet. The purging unit is suitable for class 1 applications, which is for flammable gases or liquid vapours. The unit supplied does not have a pressure switch, but comes with a pressure regulator, and a pressure gauge. The purging unit is attached to a stainless steel plate for universal mounting.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to

ensure a continuous supply of inert gas to the purging unit, and to ensure that pressures in the preamplifier do not exceed 125 mm water gauge.

The purging unit measures 229 mm x 229 mm x 122 mm.


Outside dimensions are: 4.82” (122mm x 9” (228 mm) x 5.22” (133 mm).