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Nuclear Products Overview

Products for Nuclear Power Plants

Tyne is set up to design and manufacture a wide array of components for Nuclear Power Plants, including:

  • Start-Up Instrumentation

  • Failed Fuel Location System

  • Relay Modules

  • Portable Tritium-in-air Monitors

  • PVC, RTD, Nuclear Instrument Signal Cables

  • Tank Level Monitors

  • H2 Recombiner

  • Main Control Room Panels

  • Stack Monitors

  • Tritium-in-breath Analyzer (Breathalyzer)

  • Temperature Transmitter

  • Temperature Alarm Transmitter

Leak Proof Glove Box and Controls Electronics Designed and Manufactured by Tyne Engineering

The following are some of the components that Tyne is set up to Reverse Engineer for Nuclear Power Plants:

  • Parts for Main Control Room Panels

  • Relay Modules

  • Transmitters

Radiation Monitoring Equipment – Software, Control System, ion chambers designed and manufactured by Tyne

Off-the-Shelf Products

The following are some of Tyne’s off-the-shelf products contributing to our experience:

  • Preamplifiers

  • Digital controller for analysis of signals from ionization chambers. Includes touch screen, alarm monitors, PC interface software.

  • Ionization chambers of varying sensitivity.

  • Various types of temperature-controlled vessels such as uranium-filled getter beds, cryotraps, molecular sieves, etc.

  • High-sensitivity electrometer accepts currents in femptoamps and convert them to signals in millivolts.

Touchscreen Kiosks used as enclosures and controls – Design/Manufactured by Tyne

  • Touch screen computer kiosks in various configurations with small and large format printers, telephone systems, security card readers, etc.

  • Radioactive waste clean-up systems (combustion system, isotopic separation system, electrolysis system, tritium concentrator)

  • Laboratory Glove Boxes and glove box atmosphere clean-up systems.

  • H2 and O2 analyzer

  • Tritium Lights manufacturing plant for filling self-luminous glass tubes with tritium gas.

  • Various types of tritium monitors (in air, in process line, in body).

Cart-Mounted Control System for Stack Monitors