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In-Core Amplifier

Model: 7007


Model 7007 is an updated version of an existing in-core amplifier.

The In-Core Amplifier is used for converting the current signal from In-Core Detector to voltage. After this, it does further signal processing including Dynamic Signal Compensation, Difference Compensation and Buffering, as well as comparison and driving alarm relay output.

The Tyne Model 7007 In-core amplifier is a state-of-the-art design using military grade components and the most current operational amplifiers. This contributes to the instrument having higher accuracy, linearity, and higher reliability. Also the display has been changed to a 7-segment digital display type instead of the older analog indication meters. The Tyne 7007 will directly display the Power Percentage and Trip Set Point in numerical format, instead of via older analog indicators.

The Tyne Model 7007 can be configured to be compatible with the previous Model 400 (with detector difference compensation) and Model 401 (without detector difference compensation). All the connectors on the rear panel have the same pin assignment and the same type of connector as Models 400 and 401.


  • Compatible with existing Models 400 and 401 CANDU in-core amplifiers.

  • Military grade components are used.

  • Digital panel meters used to display the power percentage and setting.

  • Updated operational amplifier is used.


Tyne's In-Core Amplifier Model 7007 provides the same functionality and form factor as existing In-Core Amplifiers, and at the same time improves the performance by using upgraded military components. Higher accuracy / linearity and higher reliability have been proved by the successfully completed functionality tests (results available on request).


MountingRack Mount. Overall dimensions: 3-1/2” height X 19” width X 12” depth
Relay4- form C 1A 60VDC
LinearityLess than ± 0.25% of full range
Power Supply120VAC ± 10%, 60Hz ± 2Hz.
Power Consumption< 150mA
Input Impedance200Ohm
Input Signal Range0.25µA to 5µA
Conversion GainSelectable
ResolutionLess than ± 0.05%.
Noise < 1mV RMS at 0 to 100KHz