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Calibration Kit for Tritium Measurement Equipment

Model: 7500-CKIT-001-C


The Tritium Monitor Calibration Kit is designed for an onsite calibration of all tritium monitor equipment. This includes calibrating the preamplifier and tritium controller independently. The kit includes all the equipment, cabling and documentation to carry out the onsite calibration.


  • NIST calibrated voltage source, current injection Resistors, and volt meter

  • Cable to inject calibrated voltage into the controller

  • Preamplifier power box for calibration without a controller

  • Easy to follow instructions

  • Calibration Forms and Stickers


The Calibration Kit is a perfect solution for the yearly calibration of tritium monitoring equipment. The kit contains all the equipment necessary to electronically calibrate the tritium controller and the preamplifier.

The ionization chamber is a fixed volume and does not need to be calibrated yearly but the electronics that measure the femto-amp current can change over time. Therefore it is recommended to calibrate all the electronics in a tritium monitoring system every year. The calibration kit has been designed to make this process as easy as possible. Each part of the tritium monitoring system can be calibrated independently. The preamplifier can be removed from the ionization chamber and taken to a separate room where it can be powered by the preamplifier power box and calibrated with the voltage source, calibrated resistors and voltmeter. The power box will also allow manual switching of the preamplifier ranges. The tritium controller can be calibrated in-situ using the calibrated voltage source, volt meter and the voltage injection cable.

All calibration data is filled into an easy to read calibration form. The information is then entered into the supplied data base which will generate a properly formatted calibration report. The supplied stickers can be filled out and then applied to the equipment.

All calibration equipment and documentation is carried in a very rugged plastic case for in-field work.


ResistanceNIST calibrated 1 Tera Ohm, 1Giga Ohm and 1Mega Ohm
Power BoxPowers preamplifier, can add a floating voltage, switch all ranges, and supplies voltage output
CablingDual Banana to Dual Banana, Dual Banana to BNC, Lemo to Dual Banana, Lemo to Lemo, Single Banana to Aligator
Voltage SourceNIST calibrated V or I injecting
Multi MeterNIST calibrated Voltage, Current and Resistance Measurement
SoftwareAccess Database Forms and Report generator
DocumentsProcedure for Calibrating a Tritium Monitoring System
Carrying CaseHard plastic with support foam on the interior
Dimensions500 mm x 400 mm x 230 mm
QAISO 9001:2000