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1000 cc Ion Chamber

Model: 7002


The 1000 cc Ionization Chamber is designed as a robust, fast flow, bakeable radiation detector. With the small footprint and VCR8 connections the chamber is easily incorporated into any process. The specialized ceramic feed through allows a bias of up to 100V and an anode signal as low as 1 fA (corresponds to 1 µCi/m3 of tritium). When combined with Tyne’s preamplifier and controller package or signal processor this makes an ideal tool for measuring tritium gas in any process.

Note: For higher tritium concentrations, please see Tyne's 10cc ion chamber.


  • 1000cc ion chamber suitable for ╬╝Ci/m³ to Ci/m³ of Tritium

  • Bakable to cleanse contaminated surfaces from ionization chamber

  • Full vacuum to 150 psig

  • Precise, tested and proven 1000cc geometry.

  • Can bias anode up to 100V from ground

  • Inlet precipitator

  • Can be used in explosive environment with purge equipment

  • Use in a process line or for room air measurements

  • Flows up to 1 l/s


The 1000 cc Ion Chamber is designed to be an in-line radiation in a process gas detector with the most typical application being Tritium. The inlet and outlet VCR 8 connectors allow the chamber to be easily mounted into an existing process line. The internal anode is connected to a floating BNC which can be biased up to 100 V. The high resistance ceramic of the feed through allows the ionization chamber to measure ionization currents as low as 1 fA (1 µCi/m³ of Tritium). The bias voltage is also connected to an inlet precipitator to remove any ionized particles carried into the chamber. The maximum inlet flow rate of 1 L/s ensures that all particles are neutralized before entering the chamber. The ionization chamber is an approved pressure vessel that can handle up to 150 psig, is bakeable up to 350°C and is 1x10E-9 Helium leak tight. The electro-polished interior ensures low tritium hang up but in the case of contamination the chamber is easily cleaned with a moist air purge.

The ionization chamber is typically connected to the Tyne Engineering preamplifier or signal processor. The preamplifier is a multi-ranged amplifier that connects to a remote controller which gives the user the maximum flexibility for measuring the amount of tritium, auto zeroing and alarm functions. The signal processor is a low cost device that provides the bias and converts the 1 fA signal to an easily handled 0 – 10 V signal that can be integrated into any existing data acquisition system.


Minimum Measurable Current1 fA (equivalent to 1 µCi/m³ of Tritium)
PressureVacuum to 150 psig
Temperature350 °C
Volume1000 cc
Measurement TypeMeasure ions with a biased Anode
Detection volume TypeSolid Wall – maximum sensitivity
Maximum Bias100 VDC
External Gamma source Signal500 fA per 1 mR/h
Carry over ProtectionInlet Precipitator
Flow rate1000 cc/s recommended, 2000 cc/sec max
Leak Tightness1 x 10E-8 cc/sec
Relative Humidity95 %
InteriorElectro polished
Wetted Parts316L Stainless Steel, High Density Ceramic
QAISO 9001:2000